We realize that from the moment of birth children start to learn and discover the world around them. For our toddlers, toilet training and other self-help skills are part of our daily program. The low-turnover of our highly qualified, nuturing staff enhances the environment.

Infant: Park's Edge Preschool's low-turnover of highly qualified, nurturing staff enhances the environment. The teachers at Park's Edge Preschool understand that infants who receive consistent and loving care will learn to trust their environment. This trust and love, along with safety is our first priority for our infants. We develop our classrooms knowing that every infant sets their own schedule allowing each child's needs to be met immediately in a loving and caring way. Health and safety are a top priority throughout all our classrooms and this begins in the infant room where toy selection to sanitation, food preparation to diaper changing, our immediate attention to health and safety is apparent.

  • Each child has their own crib and sleeping area.*
  • Toys and equipment in your child's classroom are selected specifically to stimulate your child's development.*
  • Our teachers are specifically trained to work with children under two years old; They will engage in activities to stimulate your child such as: singing, finger plays, block play, dramatic play, and sensory experiences.
  • Individual lesson plans are followed for each individual child based on the developmental level of the child.
  • Parents will be encouraged to discuss their child's progress on a regular basis.
  • The children go outside daily (weather permitting) to engage in a variety of sensory experiences; Outdoors, the teacher will interact with the children, inviting them to experience nature as they explore their outside world.
* Sheets are changed regularly, cribs are santized weekly, toys are santized daily.

Toddler: years are marked by many important transitions that continue the lifelong task of learning to separate from home and connect to the larger world. As infants become toddlers, the number of separations and connections increase, requiring children to practice and perfect the important task of transitioning among and between many different settings, experiences, and interactions. Your toddler will follow a daily routine throughout the day, which will promote security in their environment. They will engage in an array of opportunities including circle time, dramatic play, sensory and art experiences, construction and building, small motor, games, outdoor activities, and very importantly, child initiated play. Children learn through play, and allowing them to explore their environment while offering developmentally appropriate activities will teach cooperation, socialization skills and will foster a positive self-image. The classroom will consistently have a theme-based weekly lesson plan posted so the parents are aware of the activities and can discuss them with their child. When children show their readiness, and both the parents and teachers agree it's time for potty training, we will incorporate it into our daily schedule. The parents and teachers will decide together on the steps that will be taken to help the children with this process.



MS. NICOLE has been working in the childcare field since 1999.  "I graduated from MATC with my Associate Degree in Early Childhood. I have been working at Park's Edge since March of 2004. Registry Level 12. I enjoy spending time with my children. I look forward to continuing the care for your children."

MS. RUSLANA started working at Park's Edge Preschool in October 2007, took a leave of absence in 2012, and returned in January 2016 "In 2006 I completed an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood Education at Gateway Technical College. I then graduated with my Bachelor's Degree in Sociology in 2007. Registry level 14. During my years of work experience, I have found joy in working with children."

MS. JACOBA started working at Park's Edge Preschool in September 2006.  "I have ECI & ECII, and Infant & Toddler. Through the TEACH Scholarship I earned my Infant/Toddler Credential in 2008, Registry Level 9." Ms. Jacoba plans to work toward and Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. "I have always liked working with children and I am looking forward to taking care of yours."


MS. JULIE has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since April of 2005. "I received my Associate's Degree in Early Childhood in May of 1999. Registry level 12. I am also CPR, AED, SIDS and SBS certified. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to work with the children, staff and families here at Park's Edge and feel fortunate to teach the children about Jesus."

MS. ADELE has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since August 2017. "I have taken ECI, psychology, Infant/toddler Development and many other classes that will help in pursuing my degree. Registry level 8. I love watching all the children, big and small, grow and hit their milestones. Seeing how far they push themselves and seeing their faces when they accomplish something, makes me know that I am doing my job correctly and makes everything worth it."


MS. EMILY has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since July 2013. "I had a positive experience in high school achieving my Assistant Childcare Teacher Certificate and I am looking forward to working with your family. I graduated from WCTC with an Associate's Degree in Early Childhood in spring 2015. Registry Level 12.  I'm very excited to be working here and I really hope that I get to know each and every child."

MS. TERRI has worked at Park's Edge Preschool since March 2017. "I received my Infant/Toddler Credential in Spring of 2015. Registry level 9. My mom inspired me to be a teacher because she taught me how to be as loving, patient and caring as I can be."


MS. BETH has been working in early childcare for over 25 years and with Park's Edge since April of 2011.  "I have an Associate Degree in Child Care and Development from MATC.  Registry Level 12.  I look forward to meeting all of you and your children.  I consider it a privilege to care for your children."

MS. MARY has worked at Park's Edge Preschool since May 2016. "I have been working in the child care field since March 2007. My education includes CDA, EC1, EC2 CPR, First Aid, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Registry level 9. I am also working on getting my bachelor's in Early Childhood Education."

MS. KAILA has worked at Park's Edge Preschool since January 2018. "I will be graduating in December 2018 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Social Work and a minor in Family, Health and Disabilities Studies. The experience of being a teacher will offer me more knowledge about children and the way they learn and play in a different environment than I have previously experienced. I am very excited to have the opportunity to work with your children and watch them grow as Park's Edge Preschool."


MS. DORA has been the cook/food coordinator at Park's Edge Preschool since December 2012. "I have my Food Managers License that I maintain. My education also includes Early Childhood I and Early Childhood II which makes me qualified to be an Assistant Teacher too. I enjoy contributing to the Park's Edge Preschool program and serving the families here."

MS. JESSICA has been working at Park's Edge since November 2016. "I have my Bachelor's in Economics with a minor in Business. Working at Park's Edge has been a truly rewarding experience for me. It's been a really honor and pleasure getting to know all of the children and families that walk through the door and greet me every day."
For enrollment or to learn more about Park's Edge Preschool email or give us a call at 414-427-9561