We provide the best possible care for your child through Christian-based values. At Park's Edge Preschool, Grace is said before meals and bible stories from books and songs are taught within an atmosphere of Christian love and behavior. We do not teach church doctrine, but we do educate every child enrolled at Park's Edge Preschool about the love God has for everyone and the importance of respecting others.

Educational Policy: We realize that from the moment of birth children start to learn and discover the world around them. As Early Childhood Professionals one of our main goals is to help in providing a foundation for the young child to continue to learn and grow. Our staff provides a warm, nurturing atmosphere where children feel comfortable and confident to explore the world around them with safe limitations. Diversity is a very important element in our program planning. Our teachers plan their own thematic lesson plans for the week (includes the Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards).

A Flexible Balance of active/quiet; individual/group; and indoor/outdoor activities are prepared. Each child is offered free choice play, large and small manipulative activities, nutritious meals and snacks, stories, creative art, music, math, science, sensory experiences, large muscle activities and outdoor play.

Learning Centers and Activities Offer Opportunities for social and self-awareness; pre-math, pre-reading, and other cognitive readiness skills; language skills; role-playing and imaginary play; construction and block play experiences.

Developmentally appropriate practices are implemented to challenge each individual child at their own age level and ability. The following needs of each child are promoted and met: self-esteem and positive self-image, social interaction, self-expression and communication skills, creative development, large and small muscle development, intellectual development, and self-help skills.

We stress the importance of play for every child. Although we have structured programs and adhere to a daily schedule we also recognize the utmost importance of free choice play. The learning that is derived from play for the young child is an important element in meeting the needs that make up the whole child by encouraging them to reach their full potential.

Parent Involvement: We know that families are the strongest influence on young children and when early childhood educators partner with parents, children excel. Parent input is a key component to the program, so we ask our parents to evaluate our program several times a year. Also, parents are strongly encouraged to participate by: volunteering in their child's classroom, chaperoning field trips, participating in center activities and opportunities, annual celebrations (Mother's & Father's Day Breakfast, AugustFest, Open House, Parent-Teacher Conferences, Parent Advisory Council, and more).

For enrollment or to learn more about Park's Edge Preschool email or give us a call at 414-427-9561