We offer programs for children age 2 through pre-kindergarten age. The children benefit from the use of well-defined age appropriate daily curriculum that direct their learning experience. These experiences are, in turn, enhanced by the Christian values environment that is the core of the Park's Edge Preschool and it's caring teachers. Activities include block building, creative arts, library and language sensory wet and dry, music, movement, woodworking and much more. Each day offers opportunities for the preschool child to learn through play.

Children learn by doing, therefore our classrooms are set up to create a supportive and interesting environment that promotes learning. Park's Edge Preschool knows the importance of developing the "whole child", including socio-emotional development, cognitive development, and large motor development. All of these important parts of development will be taken into consideration when developing Developmentally Appropriate Curriculum. The play you see your child participating in while at school today influences the development of the basic foundation for life-long learning. Children need to learn at their own pace; all children do not learn the same way or at the same time. Good habits and attitudes are being developed, which will make a difference throughout their lives.

Some of the goals we focus on attaining with each child are: problem solving, classifying objects (pre-reading), expansion of verbal skills, acquiring love of books, experience a sense of self-esteem, exhibit a positive attitude toward life, to demonstrate cooperative, pro-social behavior, enhance and refine fine and large motor skills, to use all senses in learning, acquire beginning writing skills, and develop beginning reading skills. By offering a variety of experiences along with introducing new skills, children will learn to love learning, which is the first step in growth.

We ensure that children are exposed to all necessary skills that are required for entrance to kindergarten. The early childhood experts teach us "abstract, rote learning is not appropriate for young children." Just because children can learn these skills does not mean that they understand them. If we want children to be successful in school now and in the future, we have to teach them to think, to solve problems, and to get along with others. These abilities are acquired when children are encouraged to explore their environment actively, to solve real problems that have meaning for them, and to work cooperatively with others to complete tasks. This is what you see when you walk in and see the children "playing".

Children will be exposed to reading, writing, and phonics, through a print rich environment, letter of the week, beginning to practice writing their name, recognizing letters and numbers, sequencing, and lots of books!



MS. JENELE has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since May 2007.  "I have completed ECI & ECII, School age, and I have my CDA.  Registry Level 13. I completed the Preschool Credential in the summer of 2013 and have continued towards my Early Childhood Education Associate Degree. I graduated with my EC Associate's Degree in 2017.  I am truly blessed to be working at Park's Edge Preschool and I enjoy every moment of it. I wish you and your family a great day. Faith, Trust & Pixie Dust."

MS. SANDRA has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since October 2002, Registry Level 10. "In 2004, I was awarded an Apprenticeship Program Scholarship through Wisconsin's T.E.A.C.H. Early Childhood Program.  "I completed the requirements at MATC and was presented a Child Care Development Specialist Diploma in 2006, Registry Level 10."  I someday plan to return to MATC to obtain an Early Childhood Associates Degree.  I thank God for all he has done for me. I truly enjoy working at Park's Edge and feel very blessed to be a part of a great organization."

MS. MARY has worked at Park's Edge Preschool since May 2016. "I have been working in the child care field since March 2007. My education includes CDA, EC1, EC2 CPR, First Aid, SIDS and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Registry level 9. I am also working on getting my bachelor's in Early Childhood Education."

MS. KAYLA started working at Park's Edge Preschool in May 2017. "I am currently attending Concordia University of Wisconsin hopes of obtaining my Early Childhood and Elementary Education degrees. Registry level 10. I have such a passion for being with children and helping them grow. It's very rewarding for me and I am so happy to join the Park's Edge family."


MS. CAITLIN started working at Parks Edge Preschool June 2017. "I have my Bachelor's Degree in Education and Sociology from Marquette University and have been teaching since 2007. Registry level 14. I quickly found passion for Early Childhood Education and am thrilled to continue learning about growth and development of young children at PEP."

MS. MICHELE has been in the childcare profession since 1992.  "I have worked with the infants, 2s, 3s, and 4s. I have worked with the Fantastic Frogs (4s) since 2002. My educational background is EC I & II, Infant & Toddler, and Program Management I & II. I completed my Preschool Credential in the Spring of 2012, Registry Level 10. I enjoy working at Park's Edge Preschool very much. Through the years I have met many wonderful people and have made good friends. We are a little family. I have a good sense of humor and I love to share that and my laughter with everyone especially the children."


MS. TORI has been working at Park's Edge Preschool since October 2017. "I have my Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication from UW-Milwaukee. I am very happy with my decision to join the Park's Edge family and experience the joy of working with young children."

MS. MELINDA "I have been a teacher at Park's Edge since September of 2005. I have my Associates Degree in Early Childhood from MATC. Registry Level 12.  I also serve in the capacity of Park's Edge Health & Safety Coordinator. I love being a teacher here at Park's Edge Preschool. Every day is filled with adventure and love. Not everyone can say they get at least three hugs a day at work.  Please feel free to come and say "hello" or visit the Contact page to send me an email."


MS. DORA has been the cook/food coordinator at Park's Edge Preschool since December 2012. "I have my Food Managers License that I maintain. My education also includes Early Childhood I and Early Childhood II which makes me qualified to be an Assistant Teacher too. I enjoy contributing to the Park's Edge Preschool program and serving the families here."

MS. JESSICA has been working at Park's Edge since November 2016. "I have my Bachelor's in Economics with a minor in Business. Working at Park's Edge has been a truly rewarding experience for me. It's been a really honor and pleasure getting to know all of the children and families that walk through the door and greet me every day."
For enrollment or to learn more about Park's Edge Preschool email or give us a call at 414-427-9561